gwendolyn jane
This site features adult content, primarily nudity  - 
Please do not proceed unless you are 18 or over and completely comfortable with the content.

35 / 24 / 36
32 D
Dress: 4
Shoe: 9
Hair: Brown / Short
Eyes: Brown
Experience: 4+ years 

Fashion                        -gasp- 
Glamour                  *giggle* 
Fine Art                      |muse| 
Beauty                        {shine} 
Fetish                ^whimper^ 
Underwater          ( dream ) 
Casual                        ~glow~ 
Bodypaint                 'evolve'

    ... and many genres in between. Versatile body, face, mind. Please: test my limits, expand my horizons, engage my mind, help me surprise myself, challenge me.

"An equine beauty": long, lean model with a ballet background, uniquely long torso with glorious, full curves, and a slender waist. No tattoos, ear piercings only, modification free; one small scar on my navel (old piercing) and several light scars on legs. I have quite the fun collection of clothing and accessories; do let me know if you're looking for something in particular. Proficient with hair and make-up, not quite professional. Travel capable and enthused. 

Limited Trade: tf* wardrobe, muas, stylists, highly conceptual, print/publishing, designers, or new genres/styles. If you're work is drop dead, gorgeous, phenomenal, jaw dropping, life changing, soul inspiring, I'm always your girl. I do have an active wishlist, and would be very happy to negotiate trades.

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